The Best Places to Learn About Sideloading

Sideloading is the process of manually installing an app on your iOS device. It is a great way to install apps that may not be available in the App Store. Learn about the best places to find information and help for sideloading.

Discord Server

If you are looking for a place to chat with other iOS users about sideloading, the best place to go is the Discord Server. This is a great place to ask questions and get help with any problems you may have. The server can be found at

Reddit Subreddit

Another great place to find information about sideloading is the Reddit subreddit. This is a great place to search for answers and find helpful tutorials. The subreddit can be found at


Signtunes is a great way to easily install apps on your iOS device. It requires no computer or jailbreak and can be purchased at It is not an app, it is an app store. People can browse and install apps through the website. Signtunes can be found at